Decision to Lead

Decision to Lead is a conversation about expanding the practice of leadership. Our starting point is that the responsibility to lead is not reserved for the privileged few at the top of hierarchies, nor should it be. Leadership is a highly democratic — if relatively rare — phenomenon. It’s a choice anyone can make to step up and have a significant impact on the people they choose to serve.

2 Responses to Decision to Lead

  1. Derek Miller says:

    I think your last sentence may contain the most important kernal of truth. Leadership is about service!! All too often people ask for their leaders to tell them what to do to serve the leader. A leader is someone who serves the needs of other by working to align mutual interests and talents to reach the goal. True leadership is about selfless service not self aggrandizement. Cheers!

  2. Anne Morriss says:

    It’s part of the inspiration for the site — service and leadership are often considered very different animals, but done right, they’re variations on the same theme. Welcome!

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