Seeking Exceptional Service Providers

We are looking for examples of exceptional service providers, preferably those with innovative models and/or those that are unheralded in the press. If you have a suggestion, please post as a comment or email me directly Thank you!

2 Responses to Seeking Exceptional Service Providers

  1. Kristen says:

    JCrew is the only (mainstream) retailer I have dealt with that has consistently given me actual, quality service. The staff at the stores are attentive and offer honest opinions (i.e., they actually tell me when something doesn’t look good). The stores are also the cleanest around and come with little bottles of water that refresh me enough to keep me in the dressing room an extra 10 minutes. In contrast to other retail stores, which are constantly fighting to avoid honoring their traffic-building discounts, JCrew has honored EXPIRED discounts for me on several occasions (all I had to do was ask!). I shop a bit more than I care to admit, and JCrew is the only retailer that has never disappointed me.

  2. Frances Frei says:

    It’s interesting how the seemingly small things – which appear replicable – are what make a big difference. If that’s true, its competitors are missing an enormous leverage point.

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