Unsolicited Advice for Secretary Clinton


  1. Keep an eye on that Chavez guy. He’s getting poorer and more desperate.
  2. Curb the addiction to polls. If you get tempted to relapse, remember how the whole campaign theme song vote turned out.
  3. Build on W’s momentum in Africa.
  4. Yes, leverage your own celebrity, and remember the celebrity of others. Angelina matters. Bono matters (see #3).
  5. Consult Bill. Deploy Bill. Bring Chelsea.
  6. Don’t let the neocons completely discredit “nation-building.” The development and prosperity of poor countries is in the strategic interest of the U.S.
  7. Don’t let us give up on peace in the Middle East. We need to believe.
  8. Your speech in Beijing on women’s rights changed the world. Keep human rights at the center of your personal agenda.
  9. Model the values we’re so hungry for right now — grace, optimism, excellence.
  10. The whole world wants you to succeed in this job. Be unapologetic.

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