Shameless Self-Promotion: In the River They Swim

A piece I wrote on entrepreneurship is included in a collection of essays on development work called In the River They Swim.  The book captures a wide range of voices, from President Paul Kagame of Rwanda to Marcela Escobari of Harvard’s Center for International Development to Michael Fairbanks of the Seven Fund, an innovative new force in finding enterprise solutions to poverty. I have no financial interest in you reading the book, but I am deeply curious about how the collection will resonate, particularly outside of the development field. Please consider taking a look, and please let me know what you think, good or bad. 

An excerpt from my contribution:

I surveyed the audience and tried to reconcile these thoughts in my now thirty-something soul. Their faces revealed a mix of defiance and optimism, and it put me in touch with what I really wanted to say to the people I met who cared so much about their countries’ futures, with the fundamental truth that had pulled me off a mountain in Ecuador more than a decade ago.  Systems such as families and markets and economies are powerful, and we should work to make them better, but they are not all-powerful. Individuals also have tremendous power, much more than we choose to realize. As entrepreneurs in poor countries teach us, we can transcend the systems that seek to contain us. Unleashing that capacity will be the real precondition of the development dream. 

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