Unsolicited Advice for Michelle’s New Chief of Staff


  1. Congratulations.  Figuring out how to spend her political capital sounds like the greatest job in the world right now.
  2. Approval is not the same thing as impact.
  3. Don’t hide the arms. They’re the reason I still make it to the gym periodically, and I think I speak for millions.    
  4. Challenge the assumptions behind the substance v. style debate. We can handle the complexity of both. 
  5. Her comfort in her own skin inspires us. 
  6. Community service is a worthy priority. But service need not be limited to our national borders, and community need not be defined locally. Our fate will be determined by the health of our global neighborhood. 
  7. Resist learning too many lessons from Hillary’s political missteps in the East Wing.  Michelle is a different woman, and this is a different moment.
  8. Never forget that she helped to close the deal.  
  9. Consider infiltrating the Presidential Gifts Committee. 
  10. Most of us want to live in a world where she is fully unleashed.

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