The Morality of Profit

The Seven Fund is inviting submissions for a collection of essays it’s creating on the “morality of profit.” True to its belief in the value of risk and reward, the Fund will be giving $20,000 to the best of the pack, with an emphasis on fresh, innovative voices that challenge us to think about profit in new ways.

As the discussion of the contest suggests, our emotional and intellectual ambivalence about profit may be influencing our strategies for solving poverty and other problems.  The raging debate over public and private health insurance markets is just one example. Enterprise solutions to poverty, in particular, are often caught in the cultural crossfire between Ghandi and Gekko, between a notion of greed that is always destructive and the belief that  “greed, for lack of a better word, is good.”

The time is right for this important discussion. Details can be found here.

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