About the Authors

Frances (Frei)

Professor Frances Frei is Harvard Business School’s resident expert on service excellence. She is a leading authority on designing, leading and growing exceptional service companies, and the course she developed on Managing Service Operations is among the most popular classes in the business school’s recent history.

Widely recognized for her dynamism in the classroom, Frances describes her deepest calling as helping leaders to create impact and “remove the pebbles” that can grow into obstacles to performance. She has received teaching awards at the Wharton School of Business and Harvard Business School, where she has been given the MBA Class Award for teaching excellence several times. Email Frances

Anne (Morriss)

Anne Morriss is the Managing Director of the Concire Leadership Institute, a consulting firm that helps leaders to surface and remove performance barriers. She has worked with organizations throughout the U.S., Latin America and Africa on strategy, leadership and institutional change. Her clients have ranged from Fortune 50 companies repositioning in global markets to public sector leaders working to transform national economies.  Anne is now also launching a company that develops genetic information products for consumers and their families.

As a senior advisor with the OTF Group, Anne recently partnered with the World Bank to promote entrepreneurship and innovation in forty developing economies. Her career has included leading the campaign finance team for U.S. Representative Marty Meehan and acting as the South American Director for Amigos de las Americas, an international NGO that promotes community health and leadership development in Latin America. Email Anne

Frances and Anne

This blog is based on the overlapping patterns we observed in dramatically different environments. From the slums of Rio to the corner offices of the most competitive companies in the world, ambitious individuals were struggling with the same fundamental challenge:  how to make the decision to lead. Our work is dedicated to them.

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